14 October 2011

A Day of Firsts

Today, two things happened; one I don't want to happen again, and one that I would love to repeat.

Thing 1
This morning, instead of riding our bikes to school because it was pretty cold out, we took the bus. The bus goes to the middle school and then there is a shuttle to the high school 20 or so minutes later. Today, a bunch of kids that Kelli and I knew were waiting for the shuttle and thought: "Gee, now that the Jr. High and High School are separate, we don't get to see our favorite teachers from Jr. High! We should go visit Mrs. Vespestad!" 
After a brief discussion about how we needed to be quick so that we wouldn't miss the shuttle bus, we hurried across the school. We really enjoyed talking to Mrs. V, and we kept an eye on the clock so that we gave ourselves a good 5 minutes before we thought the bus would be there to pick us up. Welllllll. . . we missed that bus. Ironically, so did two other girls that weren't in our group. Luckily there was another bus that was dropping kids off, so one of the kids asked the bus driver if she could drive us to the High School. After grumbling and a lecture, and 5 minutes of sitting on the bus in silence waiting for her to come back, she took us. It was the quietest bus ride. Ever. By the time we got to the High School, however, she was in a happier mood, and we all thanked her profusely. I was just glad that she wasn't taking names!

Thing 2
Tonight, my mom and dad went out to eat and to a movie, and Evan went over to a friend's house, so Kelli and I hashed out what we would do. I decided to go to the football game. The band is done performing at football games for this year, so I could actually go and sit in the stands. I realized that I had not gone to a football game as a spectator since 8th grade. Then I realized that I'd never stayed to the end of a football game. . .ever! So, I bundled up and biked over with my big blanket in my bike basket. (Hardeehar! An alliteration!) I found some friends and we all sat in the student section (another first for me). It was all so much fun!! It ended up that Evan went to the game with the family he was staying with, so I surprised him because he was sitting right behind me! Kelli also showed up later and made it even more fun! We all had a great time talking, laughing, dancing, and cheering. At the end of the game, (and after every game), all of the students storm the field and sing the school song with the football players. Tonight after the school song, we did the Interlude, a dance made up by the University of Northern Iowa that is spreading like wildfire. I actually learned it over the summer at the HOBY conference! This is an ok clip of the UNI students doing it at a basketball game. There's music in the background.
The night was so much fun! It was the best night I've had in quite a while!

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