01 October 2011

¡Feliz Cumpleaños a ti!

On Tuesday the 27th, I celebrated my 17th birthday.

My birthday is always during homecoming week, and today it fell on "Twin Day." Kelli and I dressed exactly alike, (except for your shoes, which weren't quite the same.)
(Karen: Davy's stash = awesome!)

This picture is from my breakfast that morning, which consisted of:
Basic 4 (cereal that is really expensive, but didn't use to be)
Flaky Biscuits
Grape Jelly
Orange Peach Mango Juice

We get to choose what we want for breakfast and lunch on our birthdays, so those are some of my favorite foods!
After breakfast, I opened one of my gifts. It was a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble! I love that store, and I especially love the 2 story one in Des Moines!

Nothing else happened on Tuesday, because there was so much going on.
On Wednesday, school got out at 12:30 and I went to my friend Stephanie's house to make gingerbread cookies for a friend that goes to school in Montana. Long story shorter:
We didn't have molasses and tried substituting brown sugar. Badbadbad. "Wow! That's really dry! Lets add some water!" Adding water helped, but after chilling it, we realized it was still too crumbly, so we added some maple sugar. In the end, they tasted really great! We loved them! The only downside is that we don't know exactly how to duplicate the recipe!
That night my mom made my birthday meal, Beef Stroganoff. It was fantastic! Of course, I added extra sour cream to the top! After supper I opened presents (money for a fancy ice cream place and hair clips) had small groups for church until 9. 
When I got back from those, I stood in the door way taking off my shoes and then began walking across the living room. . . Then I heard water running. . . "Mom, is Evan taking a shower?" . . .No. . .Ummmm . . . 
Then Kelli says, "That sounds like it's coming from the basement!." She ran downstairs and then ran back up again and said, "You need to go look down there." When I went down to look, there was water pouring from the ceiling! I ran across the room and dumped the buckets of toys out to put them under the water. Then I turned off the main valve and unplugged the internet. After that Kelli and I started cleaning up all of the water all over the floor. The water wasn't dripping so bad by now and at this point, I could stop and ask my mom what in the world was going on. She said that dad had opened the drain to the washer and that's what all the water was. 
By the time the water stopped dripping and we got all of the standing water taken care of, I was really exhausted. We were going to have my cake, but it was 10:15 and I was frustrated that I had to deal with all of the nasty drain water. Kelli and I both took showers and we ended up having cake at 11 o' clock at night while watching Psych, which is why I look like this:

This was my "try to muster a smile, because on the inside you are tired and mad at the washer drain" smile.

Overall, I had a birthday.
The End

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