27 April 2013

That one blog post with the lists. . .

Hi there! My name's Kara. I blog here. You might remember me. . . It been. . .way too long.
Here are 10 things
Ryan, Meghan, myself, Billie, Hannah, Christopher
Prom happened. It was. . . good. I loved hanging out with my prom buddies, and post prom was cool, too. (I won gift cards for fro-yo, subs, and I-tunes!) I just didn't like the dancing part very much, as usual. Don't get me wrong, I know how to get down, and I can cut a mean rug and sing my lungs out, but not at prom. It's a bit awkward being that one that wanders from chair to dance floor and back again. Sometimes I'd groove with my cronies but during the slow dances, I'd either sway awkwardly with my friend Billie (she's a girl) or slowly walk over and eat more strawberries and shamelessly lick the cream cheese dip from my plate. multiple times. (I will point out that I did slow dance with a guy. It was awkward. Not all slow dances with me are awkward. Just that one.)
And on that note, we move on. . .

The band trip also happened. It was a good time. Here's a list inside a list. (listception)
myself, Meghan, Ryan
        1. We went to Chicago
        2. We stayed at the Marriott. (It was nice!)
        3. Our bus side-swiped a car in downtown Chicago.
        4. We saw the Blue Man Group. (Go see them now! Go! They are hilarious!)
        5. We went to Ed Debevic's. Interesting.
        6. We went to Medieval Times! So cool!
        7. I could go on, but most of all, I had a great time with my friends!

For my statistics class, we get to do a big final project. Needless to say, I am super excited about mine. I am working with 2nd and 3rd graders, and doing surveys with them and their parents, and figure out if there's a connecting between reading, watching TV, and playing outside. It's been really involved, but I am really loving all of it!
All of the kids and parents surveys for every second grader! About 360 sheets of paper!
I am sending out my graduation invites! Expect a cute envelope in the mail soon!

I need a summer job! I applied at Applebee's and they were going to hire me, but then they said that with the training, etc., it wouldn't be worth hiring me just to let me go 2 months later. Makes sense, but now I just need a different job!

I got a $2000 scholarship from the Masonic Lodge of Iowa! I am very honored!

Speaking of college, did I mention that I'm going to Northwest Missouri State University next year? Well, I am! I finally decided, and it was a toughie, but NWMSU won out for a couple reasons. Enter another list:
1. A laptop is included in your tuition.
2. So are textbooks.
3. Even though it's in Missouri, it's still only 3 hours away!
4. I don't have to audition and potentially not get into marching band! I can just go do it!
5. They have a cool degree (which I am going to pursue) called Interactive Digital Media - New Media. Click here to check it out. It's cool!

My last State National History Day competition is on Monday. Whew. I'll be glad when it's over. Not because I don't love NHD, but because this year has been sooooo busy!

This song is one of my jams right now. Very catchy and very true and something I very much need to hear.

I'm excited for a couple things this summer: (Oh look, another list! What can I say, I love lists!)
1. Trip to Omaha with Eliza. Woohoo!
2. Trip to Minnesota! Yay!
3. Summer Orientation! (Gulp!)
4. Garage sale-ing to try to find things for college without losing a bunch of dough!

18 January 2013

Just Keep Walkin'. . .

I have recently made a goal for myself for before I go off to college. I want to get more active, but mostly in just doing something active every day. Wendy introduced me to Leslie Sansone's Walking DVD's. Yes guys, I know what you may be thinking: "Walking Kara? Really?! You can go walk down the street!" Yes, Yes, I could, but this is more enjoyable and I feel that I get more out of it. It's not high impact, which is good because my knees and feet are in pretty sore shape, especially for an 18 year old! She does include different movement (shuffleing, easy kicks, etc. ) so it's really easy and doesn't get boring. Also, in under a half hour, I can get in at least 1 mile and some good stretching and arm work! Oh, and P.S., she's also a Christian, and she's so positive and doesn't wear really skimpy sports bras and tight clothes. A+, right!?
I'm just saying, right now I'm just borrowing the DVD's from Wendy, since I'm living here, but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for any that are on sale or that people are selling so I can have my own and take them to college!

01 November 2012


Last night, Grace, Abbi, Kelli, and I carved pumpkins! Here are some of them. Can you guess which one is mine? (Kelli's isn't pictured in this one. Hers said "BOO!" and she designed it herself!)

16 September 2012

Senior Pictures!

This post will mostly be pictures. Today we took some of my senior pictures. Here's a preview of some of the shots SOOC. (Straight out of the camera) My Aunt Diane did a great job! I love them!

Just for fun!

 We found some old school buses in someone's front yard, and well, we took some pictures by them!

15 September 2012

The top 4

Lo gave me the inspiration for this post. (She's pretty neat!)
(My Sophomore year)
1. Today means haircuts, B-bops, and homework at Panera with smoothies for me and Kelli! Ankeny, here we come!
2. Tonight means I get to hang out with Wendy and chat! I love her so much, and she's such a great friend! Her kids are also super adorable!
They're the little ones, obviously!
I made their kids a cake to surprise them when they woke up the  next morning, (I was babysitting) and this is the picture Wendy sends me the next day! Is that not the cutest thing ever!?
 3. I'm getting some of my senior pictures taken tomorrow! I'm excited, but also nervous. I just need to relax and have fun!
4. Right now things are really tough, and very unfair. Sometimes its hard to believe the assumptions people make and the way things seem to be stacked against your whole family. Jesus has a plan. . .

Happy Weekend! Happy fall!

04 September 2012

Well it's turn and face the Stars and Stripes/ It's fighting back them butterflies/ It's call it in the air, alright yes sir we want the ball/ And it's knocking heads and talking trash/ It's slinging mud and dirt and grass/ It's I got your number, I got your back when your back's against the wall/ You mess with one man you got us all/ The boys of fall/

My aunt Diane is going to take my senior pictures, but she also offered to take pictures of some of the highlights of my senior year of high school. How appropriate that the first one was our first marching band performance and home football game of the year!
I love how all of the pictures look! She's a really great photographer!
Also, she's pretty brave. She got to the game about 45 minutes early to get a good seat, and ended up sitting in the student section. A high school boy came up to her and informed her that "this is the student section. You CAN'T sit here!" She just told him that she got there early to get a seat, and she wasn't giving to him. He stuck his foot on her chair, so she sat on his foot!
She told me about it afterward, and I told her Kudos! Go Aunt Diane!
Here's what she captured. I love football Friday nights at Ballard!

A ton to little cheerleaders fill some time before the game. Trust me , there were more than this!

National Anthem
Things I love about Ballard: We play the OTHER team's school song, too!

Makin' a tunnel for the football team

What's wrong with this picture?. . . . waiiiiit for iiiiittt. . .  :)

Lo and I chatting. . . we have a good time!


"Quick guys! Get your drums! We need to play the school song!" *Mass chaos ensues!*

Halftime! The first song. . .

. . .and the second.

So there you go! I think one of the things I'll miss the most when I graduate is football on Friday nights! You just can't beat small town Iowa!

31 August 2012


I was messing around with PicMonkey tonight and editing some pictures for fun.