27 October 2011

How to study Spanish Irregular Preterit Verbs 101:

How to study Spanish Irregular Preterit Verbs 101:
Supplies Needed:
Sticky Notes (2 colors preferably)
A pencil
Words you don't know
1 willing sibling

Step 1:
Write all of your verbs on 1 color of Sticky notes.
(to bring)

Step 2:
Write the different stem endings on the other color of sticky notes.
Step 3:
Scramble all of your sticky blue sticky notes up and stick the purple notes on your bunk bed. Without looking at your notes, put the verbs with their correct endings.
Step 4:
Have your sister check them, and tell you that you are wrong.

Step 4.5:
Fix your mistakes.

Step 5:
Have your sister scramble everything up and do it again, trying this time not to miss so many.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 as many times as necessary until you feel sufficiently prepared for the Spanish test tomorrow!

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