02 August 2011


Today I. . .
Ran 1.2 miles.
I have not ran since 8th grade, and that was running the mile in PE. I did cross country and track and 7th grade and had so much fun, but I have terrible knees and feet, so the pain was too bad to continue for 8th grade. 
I won't say today didn't hurt, but I was proud that I did it. Kelli rode really slowly  beside me on her bike, so that was nice company.
I took a cold shower afterward. That felt really good!

I also fixed the dehumidifier. It is really pesky. We had it draining into a bucket with the button taped down so it would run all the time, but it shut off every couple of hours anyway. Then I got the button to stay depressed consistently, but then the bucket overflowed and the water started going all over. 
To get the water out of the huge bucket, Kelli and I created a siphon. It was fun. I felt like I was applying my 9th grade science class!
Then I found a hose that connected to the dehumidifier, messed with it so it would fit, and connected it. Then I pulled the hose as far as it could go so that it would reach the sump pump, thus eliminating the problem of emptying the bucket every day or so.
The hose barely reached, so I (Industrial strength) duck taped it to the floor. Huzzah!

Tomorrow I. . .
Am going to visit Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. It is a Christian college, and has a nice teaching program. Yes, yes, I am a junior, but, hey, I have plans for my life, and they involve looking for colleges. . .now! Anyway, it'll be a real fun drive up there. It takes almost 4 hours. Hopefully I don't have to drive the whole way back. (I refused to drive in the morning. We're leaving at 8ish.)

On Thursday, I am going to visit Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, and on Friday I am visiting Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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