06 August 2011

College Visits

SO, college visiting is done for the week. Whew! It's been a whirlwind!
Here's what I thought

First, Northwestern College in Orange City.
I really liked loved Northwestern!
Everyone was so friendly, the campus was small and everything was close together, the professors integrate faith into their classes, Orange City is a small town, but not lacking anything important, and I could keep going. They also have a great music program, and I would be able to take piano lessons for no extra cost and for credit! The dorm rooms are bigger than my bedroom, and that amused me.
They encouraged everyone to come back during the semester and sit in on classes, stay over night, and even play with the band or sing in the choir! They also have lots of ways to get involved in church activities, service groups, or leadership opportunities. I was really impressed by everything.

Next, Wartburg in Waverly.
I didn't care for Wartburg very much from the start. It wasn't much bigger that Northwestern, but from the start it felt huge! The tour took forever, and you felt like there was constantly more to see. I didn't care for the whole feeling of it. They are a Lutheran college, but that was only evident in their philosophy. They didn't have many church groups at all.

Last, Coe in Cedar Rapids.
Coe would be my second choice after Northwestern. The people there were friendly and really wiling to talk. The campus still felt big, so that was a downside. It still wasn't hardly as fantastic as Northwestern, but it was better that Wartburg. The student we talked to gave a really vague explanation of the church activities on campus. It's not a "church based" college, so I wasn't surprised.

That's what I thought overall.
I did get a t shirt every day. They are all white, which is wierd.

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