15 June 2011

Strep. . .yuck yuck yuck.

I will now tell to you a story. It's about me. 
On Sunday, my mom picked me up from HOBY, I came home with a headache, got sick the next day, and remained sick. I was sick Tuesday too. On Tuesday morning, I asked my mom to look at my throat because I could hardly swallow. Basically she said crap-o-la because it was the worst strep throat she had ever seen, and we know our strep around here folks. Anyway, I got a doctor's appt for 3:30 that after noon and the doc said "Holy mackelroly, in medical terms." to my throat. You know it's bad then. Anyway, I got some antibiotics and then they set up an appt. for and ENT on June 29. I did not like that one. Not a big fan of plans that get sprung upon me, or ENT's that ponder wether or not to remove your tonsils. 

Cut to today.

Today I was supposed to have a party with girls from my small group. It has been planned forever, but I had to call it off because I was still running a 102 degree fever.
Also, have you notice that the longer you are sick, the less sympathy you start to get? Not from your parents tho! They are awesome and buy me Gatorade and tell me to sleep. 
All in all I was really disappointed that I couldn't have the party today, so I had to come up with something to do to stay busy. . . . Hmmmmm. . . what to do?

Why, organize your nail polish according to the color spectrum of course!
(After I did that I actually painted my nails.)

Tonight Kelli, Evan, and Dad are going to be gone so mom and I hope to finish my bulletin board and maybe watch a movie.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better, 'cuz I can't take much more of this!


  1. Aw! :( I hope you feel better Kara.

  2. Bummer! Hope you feel better soon. I'd have to say I'm impressed by that nail polish collections - WOW!

  3. Thanks for the well wishes guys!