13 June 2011

I am ill. . .

So, I got back from HOBY at 5ish yesterday. I had a massive headache, but it went away with some Ibuprofen and I felt pretty good the rest of the night. Well, I am sick today. I haven't gotten sick in a long while. I am just glad that I didn't get sick at HOBY. I am feeling better now, but this morning was pretty crappy. I just ate some toast and cereal and the Ibuprofen helped my fever start to go down. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow because I have to clean before our small group party on Wednesday at my house.
I will tell you HOBY details after I feel better!
Hope you are having a great day!


  1. I hope you feel better soon! :) Can't wait to hear all about your weekend at HOBY!