08 June 2011

Recent Activities

Well, summer has been filling up with activities of all shapes and sizes.
For one, every week our small group (or as many as can come) get together at a girls house and hang out and play games and whatever. Tonight was the second week of doing that and next week is my week. Here are some highlights:
We were missing Chelsea and Ann.

We watched Phantom of the Opera. . . by candlelight!
 The rest of these were taken on the trampoline. We ended up spending almost two hours on it because it was so nice outside and we were having so much fun!

That was at Eliza's house. She's the one that looks like she's a genie floating in the air.
This week it was at Ann's house. Chelsea and Eliza couldn't be there, but we still had fun!

Everyone learned how to play Rummikub (sp?) from Ann. (Pssst. . .family members. . does anyone own this game? )

Ann's mom made delicious smoothies!

We played Apples to Apples

. . .And things like this happened. I don't even remember why.
I love the girls from my small group! They're like a bunch more sisters. We talk and laugh about everything!

In other news. . .
I got a babysitting job for a couple of days this week. Today was my first day. The kids were 4 and about 2 and they were pretty good. However, I turned around for one moment and CRASH a ball hits something glass and what ever it was breaks. Great. So. . . I put the kids down for their naps and cleaned up what I could. Then I called their Grandma to ask about the vaccuum cleaner. Long story short, she didn't want me to use it because it was the kind that plugged into the wall. GREAT. So I had to keep the dog out of the area for three hours. That wasn't too bad, I just felt bad I couldn't just clean up the rest of the mess to she wouldn't have to deal with it when she got home. *Sigh*
NEXT. . . She had left some Goldfish out on the counter to eat. I had some (just a small pile in the middle of half of a paper towel) aka not much at all. However, when she came home, she said, "Who ate all the Gold fish? I had half a box!" Well, I did NOT eat all the Goldfish and I felt pretty lousy about all of the crazy things that had happened, and I still have to go back tomorrow and sit there for three hours while the kids sleep. Whatever. At least it's a job!
At least I get to go to HOBY in two days! Whoop whoop!
(If you really want to know what HOBY is, Google it, otherwise I will 'splain soon.)

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  1. I totally just lol'd at the pictures from tonight! Ohmyword. :)