27 June 2011

Smiling Toast!

So, while reading The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook, which I LOVED, I encountered a recipe for "Egg in a Hole." Why I was amazed by this recipe, I don't know. Maybe because it was so simple. All I know is that I have been making it every morning for almost the last week. It's so delicious! All you need is butter, bread, and an egg!
What you do is take a piece of toast, use a cup to cut out a circle in the middle of it, and put it in a pan with butter. After 1 minute you crack an egg in the hole. Taa-daa! The you flip it and cook it to you desired done-ness.
Usually I just eat the circle that I cut out of the middle as soon as I cut it out, but I've decided that that was getting a bit boring. My mom was watching my make my egg in a hole this morning, and she said, "Ha ha! Look at that little circle! What are you going to do with it?"
"Toast it in the left over butter in the pan." I said.
"You should punch holes to make it look like a smiley face and then market the whole dish to restaurants." said she.
"Where's the pencil? (to punch holes with the eraser)"

*The previous conversation was loosely paraphrased*

Here's the final product that we are dubbing tanning toast, or sunshine toast, or whatever. It's just  delicious, and the little smiley face made my day!

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