30 June 2011

Feels like 110º!

Well, there is a heat advisory until 7 pm tomorrow night. Right now it's 95º, but it feels like 110º! Woohoo! Today, I was woken up to, "Kara, Kelli! We are having a water balloon fight today!!"
I'm not a big fan of water fights or pools, but when I heard how hot it was, I couldn't say no!
We filled up the water guns and balloons , about 60, and Kelli invited her friend Tiffany to come over to make even teams.
It was me and Evan against Kelli and Tiffany.
Mom documented the whole thing.
At one point, I just sat in the middle of the yard and sprayed myself with the hose because no one was getting me wet! It sure felt good!
Here are some action shots!
After we ran out of water ballons, re resorted to buckets and hoses!

The reason I'm not really in any of these pictures is because I was running away with the hose!

I hope you are staying cool today!

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