11 April 2011

¿Tú hablas Español?

Due tomorrow:
"Your group will need to come up with a powerful sentence starting with one of the following:
Es bueno. . .
Es importante. . .
Es necesario. . .

The sentence needs to be grammatically correct and perfect spelling.

Have someone take a picture of your group demonstrating the advice you are promoting in your sentence.
-Be creative, use props to enhance your poster. Just the pictures of you will not do the job.
-The pictures will capture the attention of others if it is colorful. That's a good selling point.
-Look as if you believe what you say."

Basically we had to use our health words that we learned to make a poster promoting healthy eating or healthy activities.
In our group, our poster looked like this. . .
(Kara, Danielle, Ryan)
So, can anyone tell me what it says? Does anyone speak Spanish? Impress me!


  1. The sticker on your los orange would not be dias porque of a balanceado dieta!! Or would it now!! Love Mom PS I love this picture!

  2. It is important to eat fruit every day because they help us to follow a balanced diet.

  3. Ah! Very good job Aunt Dee! Nice try mom. Hee hee!