26 April 2011

National History Day has come to an end. . .

Well, a lot has lead up to this post, but it's finally here. Yesterday was the National History day State competition. I have worked non-stop to redo my board for State competition. Here is before...

You remember that one, don't you? Of course! It's only all I've done for . . . well for forever. (Or close)

Here is "in between." This is the part where I ripped all of the fabric and info off the board and started from scratch. That's because the glue I used to glue everything down was not "repositionable." I knew this from the git-go however, so it wasn't that big of a deal. It was a little overwhelming to sit and look at this. . .

That is the "chalkboard" part of the display, and that black thing at the top is all of the stuff that used to be on it! Ahhhhh!!
After a while it looked like this....

That's where I am starting to lay out all the new headings I had to do on the new board and comparing them with where stuff was on the old board.
Anyway, in the end it ended up looking like this. . .

Can you tell a difference? I can, and I definitly liked version 2.0 better!
On Monday, I had to be down in DSM by 8 to set up, so we left at 7:15 ish. My youth pastor and his wife were so kind to let us borrow their van to transport this huge thing! Our van is having strange brake issues that are being fixed, and I don't care how you try, you cannot squish this whole thing into a '94 Crown Vic. Ain't happenin'. Anyway. After it was set up, Kelli and I ( I brought her along for company) hung out all day. I talked with the judges at 10:30, but after that, we just had to stick around till the awards ceremony at 3:30. Immediatly after my interview (about 11) we went to Jimmy Johns down the street. I have only been there one other time, but I love their sandwiches! Here's what our lunch looked like....

We both got "Pepe" subs and I got salt and Vinegar chips while she got regular chips.
We stopped at a kitchen store on the way back to the Historical Society building. Super cool!

For the rest of the day, we hung out, played lots of Bananagrams, and did homework. At the awards ceremony, I didn't get anything, so I am done for this year. On my comment sheets, one judge kinda liked it and the other judge only said critical things. He even said that I should totally eliminate the shorter side! (The judge at districts said to expand on it, and I did, but hey.. .) 
I guess all in all I am a little disappointed in myself for putting all this work into it and not getting farther, especially after going to state for the third time. I know that's not a good was to feel, but I'm working out of it.

(P.S. Ask me if you want to hear my "slap in the face/oops story")

In other news, tomorrow night is our Formal Choir concert. All the girls wear prom dresses and all the guys wear tuxes or suits or dress shirts. It is probably my favorite concert of the year. Which reminds me. . .
My cousin Jackie had her Senior Vocal Recital April 2nd.

She sent us a Cd with pictures and video from the recital, and her singing was gorgeous! She sang songs in German, French, English, and Italian, and even some duets with her friend Rebecca. It was very beautiful! Congratulations Jackie!
Lastly. . .
I might have mentioned that I was in Get Smart earlier. Here here a couple of pictures my mom got. My aunt Diane took really great pictures, so you might see those later.
These are the flowers from Aunt Diane! The picture really doesn't do them a bit of justice!

Part of the crew. . .

An action shot. . .
(Kelli would like me to inform you that the previous two pictures were taken by her.)
Lastly. . .I am serious, I'll stop after this one thing.

Last week, a 7 year old from our church died. It's been a rough week. The funeral was yesterday. One of his brothers is about my age and we are friends, so I really wanted to go, but because of NHD, I just couldn't. Here is one picture my friend took after the funeral when they released balloons.

I really like it.

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  2. Hey girl!
    I really like your slideshow!
    And now you have naked teeth.

    And flowers on your blog.

    Thinking of you this weekend.
    I'm giving your parents 10 cool points
    for the two stories you told.

    And that is all :) Love, E