04 April 2011

Some pictures to fill in the blanks

So. . .
I got the pictures that a friend took of my National History Day Board! Here you go!

 Psssst! Look Dustin! The Partial window frame!

Also, here is my friend Eliza who I brought with me because she is awesome and really made the day not boring at all. The other lady is my aunt Beth. She works at the college where the even was held, so we went to visit her and she hung out with us over lunch.

In other news. . . yesterday I babysat 2 girls ( a 5 year old and a 3 year old.) They are really well behaved and very fun to watch. Yesterday I brought over a few of my nail  polishes and we did nails before playing outside. (It was 75 + yesterday!) Before we went outside, they decided they wanted to paint my nails. Hmmm. . . .Ok, I said.

Grace (5) did the blue, and Abigail (3) did the green. I was amused. I haven't taken off the nail polish yet, 1. because I think it is very cute, and 2. My nail polish remover doesn't work very well. I'm going to watch them tomorrow night, so I think they will like that I still have the polish on.

In other news. . .
I have successfully finished Driver's Ed! I got a final grade of 88%. I would have personally liked a higher grade, but considering the teacher, I am satisfied.

I had my play, "Get Smart" this weekend. My piano teacher and her family, Aunt Diane, Nathan, and my family all came, and it was so much fun! We had performances Friday and Saturday.
Aunt Diane was the official picture taker, so after I she sends me the pictures, I will share!

All for now!

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