27 March 2011

The Post About Anything New That Has Happened Recently

Me oh My! What has happened in the past week!

(Weird Web cam pic. I really don't know what it's all about.)
Kelli got a hair cut too!

I got glasses.
They really don't look that much different. In fact almost no one has said anything. Maybe the haircut threw them off.

It says, "Baby Carrots: Eat 'em Like Junk Food" ( I do!)
The bag of carrots amused me. (It was a long night of NHD research.)

I visited Aunt Diane to use her Cricut for NHD. I even took a video of what a Cricut is! I took one that is better than this one, but it wouldn't load. Go figure. (Some people have asked. I reeeally wanted to show them!)

After it's done cutting, and you peel off the excess, this is what it looks like. The mat is sticky, so they don't move.

Oh! And speaking of National History Day. . . .
The competition was on Wednesday, and. . . . .
I get to go to State!
I ended up being the only one from Ballard to get to go! (No one really talked to me the rest of the day.)
Anyway. .
I had someone take pictures because I forgot my camera, so I'll post those soon. Until state (April 25th) I have to redo my project and improve it. Since it is covered in fabric, this means starting all over again on the info parts. Sigh.But hey! I love it! I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't!

Also. . .
Mom and Kelli are building raised bed(s) for a garden in the back yard.

Kelli put herself in there for "size reference"
The huge um. . .screws. . . .bolts. . . . ?? (I didn't tell her to pose)

That's all for now! I will be sure to a picture of the complete exhibit up as so as I can.
Over and out!


  1. Excuse me, but i need to take some pics for people and u took your camera to diane's!!

  2. You are a busy girl! Congrats on making it to state!

  3. Awww, thanks Holly! And thanks for reading my blog! I love yours!