01 February 2011

Snow and Dancing

Well, the school website said this today...

From the looks of things outside and on the radar screen, there is a possibility of us not having school tomorrow . I am not the person who falls at the feet of snow days in admiration by any means, but one every  once and a while is nice to catch up on work.

On Wednesday, my piano teacher took me to see a show at the Civic Center.  The group was called Pilabolus (Pill-ab-o lus) and they do stuff like this. . .

After the approx. 2 hour show, it was 9:30,so Christa asked if I wanted to got get something to eat. We agreed on an Applebee's in West DSM that is open late and has 1/2 price appetizers on Wednesday nights. We got potato twisters, breaded shrimp, and split and Oreo shake. We sat in Applebee's for about an hour talking and enjoying our food. I got home around 11:30.
Potato Twisters with Queso Blanco
Also, show choir is revving up in preparation for our 1st performance on Feb. 10th, and our competition on Feb. 12th. Ballard has never had a High School Show Choir, although they've had one in Jr. High for 14 years. We are all confused. Nonetheless, we are excited to be the first H.S. show choir group from Ballard. I was in show choir in Jr. High, and I loved it!
Our dresses look something similar to this. . .
It's pretty exciting!

If you're reading this, you most likely have snow on the ground around you! Stay warm!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Pilabolus dancers are so COOL! :) I'm way jealous that you got to go!