22 January 2011

Show choir

Hello there, this is your frendly show choir dancer, Kelli. I have just gotton back from a show choir competition that lasted all day.
This is how my day started-
4:30 a.m.- Kara wakes me up ( she was up at 4:15 ) and takes me to the bathroom where she curls all of my hair.
5:15ish- Finally done, I proceed to get dressed in my show choir shirt, without smashing my curls.
( front of my shirt )
7:30- We load the busses and head for DC-G ( for all of you non-Iowans, DC-G stands for Dallas Center, Grimes. It's 45 minutes away. )
( My bus.)
8:20- When we got to the school, we went to our homeroom and quickly got dressed.
9:20 We head to the warm-up room to run through our act once before heading out to the stage/
9:40 - We go out onto the stage and preform.
10:00- we go and get critiqued. The juge that came in, did not like us. ( except for our colors- hot pink and lime green) and for the rest of the 20 minutes all he did was criticize us.
12:20- We have the award ceromony for the Jr. High. We were very excited when we found out that we were 2nd place. The best  part about being 2nd, is that if you are 2nd place and up, you get to repreform around 6 that night.
      For the rest of the afternoon i hung out with my friends and watched high school preform, redo our hair and makeup, and just rest.

( My friend Jessica.)
( Resting.)
( High School performances.)
( the make-shift beauty salon.)
(  before our preformance.)
Around 6:30, we did out second preformance.
After our preformance I went home instead of staying till around 11:00 tonight. When I got home Kara really like my make-up and took some pictures of it.
( my eyes with purple sparkles painted on them.)

( me really tired, but with curled hair!)

I hope you liked my day like I did!!

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