14 February 2011

Show Choir. . . Again!

Well, this time it's the High School Show Choir! We went to our first (and only) competition this past Friday down the road about 15 minutes in Alleman. It was only the second time we had ever performed (the first time was on Thursday!) so we were really excited. In the end we placed second and everyone was really excited and our director, Mr. Harper, was very proud. I actually got to go up with a boy in my grade to accept the award. It was an honor. On the way home, a friend and I watched a video her mom had taped, and we were surprised at how good we actually looked! I guess when you just go over and over the same thing, you start to loose confidence, or something. To get for show choir, I have to curl my hair, which takes over an hour. Groan. And my hair is really defiant, so by the time we actually perform, it looks about half as good. Whatever. In this picture, my friend Lindy's mom did my makeup. (This pic was from the Thursday performance.) She is really talented and does an amazing job! I even got fake eyelashes, although that was a little different. On Saturday, I asked Maggie to do my make up, and she did an awesome job too! I didn't really take pictures from Saturday, since it was a whirlwind trip and not an all day thing.

These were taken on Thursday after the performance and not being home except to curl my hair at 3:30. That was a crazy day!

Took my glasses off because of the terrible glare, and there's still a glare from the tub! Groan. . .

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