11 September 2010

A New (Old) Piano

So, we've had this piano living in our garage for the past 4 years. It used to live in our house, like a piano should, but because it was too big for when we lived in the duplex, my mom bought a new, smaller piano. I don't care for it that much. We've had it for the 4 years the old piano was living in the garage. Granted, it's newer, "nicer", etc, but there is something really neat in my mind about a big old 1927 piano with some history. Recently, we got some guys from our church to help us move it to the basement. That was something. Ummm, yeah. There were some intense points. Anyway. Now my mom is going to work on it and refurbish it so it looks like new! I am very excited! After it's completely finished, (in a long time) it will be mine, that is, once I live somewhere else.  Pictures in the near future. Our computer had a "thermal event", but I'll figure something out!

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