31 July 2010

A Room Move-around!

    So, yesterday (Friday) I got a bee in my bonnet and wanted to rearrange my room. (O.K., it's Kelli's room too, but she doesn't care too much.) 

   Here is a before picture, kind of. Zoom out, add a bookshelf against the wall on the right and a dresser to the left behind ya, and there you go! (The better picture of the room is on the other computer and I don't want to go search for it!)

Please ignore the slobbish looks from everyone!


Looking in from the door
Directly to the left of the door
My little corner behind the bed
The whole ordeal took about 5 or 6 hours (moving everything out, putting it back in, etcetera) The thing that took the longest was moving around the bunkbed, but it helped that our friends let us borrow these things you put under heavy furniture and it helps them slide better. Let me tell you, those things work wonders! Also, since the bunkbed was up on risers, we had to take them all out, move the bed, and put them back under it. My dad helped ALOT with that part! My mom helped move the bed around, and between the two of us, it was a slick operation! Other then that, I just kinda picked away at it. (Kelli didn't want to help much.)

The desk!
   Possibly the best part was that (even though our room is about 9 1/2 x 11 1/2) we were able to ADD a DESK in our room. I don't know how, but I drew it all up on a piece of graph paper and it worked out in the end!


  1. Kara if you don't tell them who the red head is, then they will think that we have another sister ( which i would be perfectly fine with her )

  2. This is MOM posting on Kelli's account!!! I must agree that this is a pretty cool makeover of the room & it didn't cost a dime!! Remember--you are going to help me with my room when you get home!! We miss you here at home.

    Love, MOM