28 July 2010

A Permit!

Well, today I finally decided to get my learner's permit. Sigh. I could have gotten it almost 2 years ago, but I never really got a bee in my bonnet. Now my parents practically pushed me  to the driver's license station to get the permit. Well, I guess it's all ok, though. After I got the permit, I went Goodwill shopping, to Mickey-D's for a smoothie (those are good!), and then to the church parking lot to drive for an hour. At Goodwill I got a hoodie sweatshirt.  It is so warm and will be perfect for winter! I purposefully chose a different kinda hoodie (Alaska) because I wanted, well, a different hoodie! (Duh!) For the sake of me, I am not putting a picture of my permit on here but not because I look funny but because of of the weird smirk/smile/whatever I tried to pull off.  But for your viewing pleasure, my sweater!

(Sorry about the questionable quality of the pictures! I had to take 'em quick before my batteries died!)

It's actually darker. . .

1 comment:

  1. Something does not compute. Your parents pushed YOU to the driver's license station? I remember pushing my PARENTS to the driver's license station as close to my 14th birthday as I could get! I couldn't wait to drive... Kids these days... :) just kidding...