18 January 2013

Just Keep Walkin'. . .

I have recently made a goal for myself for before I go off to college. I want to get more active, but mostly in just doing something active every day. Wendy introduced me to Leslie Sansone's Walking DVD's. Yes guys, I know what you may be thinking: "Walking Kara? Really?! You can go walk down the street!" Yes, Yes, I could, but this is more enjoyable and I feel that I get more out of it. It's not high impact, which is good because my knees and feet are in pretty sore shape, especially for an 18 year old! She does include different movement (shuffleing, easy kicks, etc. ) so it's really easy and doesn't get boring. Also, in under a half hour, I can get in at least 1 mile and some good stretching and arm work! Oh, and P.S., she's also a Christian, and she's so positive and doesn't wear really skimpy sports bras and tight clothes. A+, right!?
I'm just saying, right now I'm just borrowing the DVD's from Wendy, since I'm living here, but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for any that are on sale or that people are selling so I can have my own and take them to college!

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