15 September 2012

The top 4

Lo gave me the inspiration for this post. (She's pretty neat!)
(My Sophomore year)
1. Today means haircuts, B-bops, and homework at Panera with smoothies for me and Kelli! Ankeny, here we come!
2. Tonight means I get to hang out with Wendy and chat! I love her so much, and she's such a great friend! Her kids are also super adorable!
They're the little ones, obviously!
I made their kids a cake to surprise them when they woke up the  next morning, (I was babysitting) and this is the picture Wendy sends me the next day! Is that not the cutest thing ever!?
 3. I'm getting some of my senior pictures taken tomorrow! I'm excited, but also nervous. I just need to relax and have fun!
4. Right now things are really tough, and very unfair. Sometimes its hard to believe the assumptions people make and the way things seem to be stacked against your whole family. Jesus has a plan. . .

Happy Weekend! Happy fall!

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