18 July 2012

Summer Happenings

This summer has flown by. Look! It's already the middle of July! I'm very excited for school to start again, but not without a little bit of trepidation about my senior year and what's to come. It will all work out, however, and I can't be stuck on the future too much!
Here's how the summer has looked so far, presented in a nice little list. (I love lists!)
In no particular order:
1) (Almost) every Monday night, a bunch of friends from youth group get together at Corey's (one of the youth leaders) house. We have supper and then watch a movie in his top notch really sweet theater room. This past Monday, we watched Thor, and the couches were shaking! (By the way, Thor is way cool! I didn't think I'd like it, and even voted against it, but I'm so glad we watched it!)
⇡ ruddy!
I also love Monday nights because Lo is there and we get to talk and laugh and hang out!

2) Community Band. Actually, I missed the last concert in favor of a party (as bad as it looks, it wasn't intentional!!) but I did get to play in the concert at the bandshell in Ames. It was really hot up there because the air doesn't move. Lazy air.
I happen to be the youngest person in the band right now. It's kinda funny!

I look angry. I'm not. Band is fun!
3) Back tracking now. In May, a LOT of friends graduated. It was bittersweet going to their graduation parties. I had an especially great time at my friend Steph's party. Everyone hung out for a long time, the adults talked and the kids played lawn games, tag, or whatever. It was such a fun night!
This picture makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Stupid, stupid piece of hair!!

Keilyn and Michael

Jacob and Nathan

Part of the group

Joe, DJ, Kelli, Syd, me, Stephanie, Keilyn, Meg, Michael, Josh, Anna

Me, Becky
4) Yamaha Sounds of Summer Drumline camp at Iowa State University. Basically, a bunch of drumlines from schools in the area got together for 2 days and learned techniques to improve themselves. It was from 9-6 for 2 days, and believe you me, I was sore by the end of that whole ordeal. Those snare drums are heavy (16.6lbs. according to the Yamaha website), and I don't even want to think about the other, bigger instruments! (Psst! I was so tired after the first day that I ignored my alarm and missed the bus and was an hour late. Not my brightest moment by far. Yeesh!)
Those guys aren't carrying their drums on their shoulders because they have stands for their snare drums. We do not.

I'm back there. . .

For our group performance, we got to use Iowa State's drums that all had stands! Yaay!

5) At the beginning of June, Kelli, our cousin Kristen, and I got to go up to Minnesota for about a week and spend time with our Uncle Dustin and Aunt Karen. It was such a fun time and we did a ton. It could be its own post, and it probably will, but until then, here are some great pictures!
Here's a link to all of the pictures, but here are some highlights!


Goofing off in IKEA

Relaxing. . .

"Interrupting Kelli's shower"

Touching the statues we weren't supposed to be touching. . .

"Picking the Cherry"

"Illegal" lounging

Giant, delicious, burrito from Chipotle. (I want another!!)

At the concert
We had a fantastic time!!

6) Marching in the July 4th parade. It was the year for the marching band to march in Cambridge, so usually nobody marches in the July 4th parade, but this year our drumline got together with the drumline from West Marshall (about 30 min. away) and marched together. (We have the same instructor, so we knew the same stuff.) It was almost 100 degrees at 10 in the morning, so we were dripping sweat by the end of the parade. My dad met me at the end of the parade with a liter of water. (Have I mentioned how awesome he is?) None of the girls from the West Marshall drumline were able to come, so the 5 girls from our drumline that could come were the only girls there. I happened to be the only girl marching with a snare drum! Woohoo!

We had a lot of bass drums! :)
7) Last week was my parent's 26th anniversary. We got them some flowers from Chicken Shed Primitives.

They went to the Colorado Grill in Boone for supper.

Stay tuned for the "Summer Wrap Up/ School is starting post"! It isn't far away. School starts the 16th of August, but we have band camp the week before that! Yikes!

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  1. Aww, our Monday nights... one of my favorite parts of the week! And I heart this post. You're the cutest.