30 June 2012

A Perfect Personalized Prom dress

For prom this year, one of the girls in my group was Meghan. She's one of my best buds.
She's the one in the silver dress.
Her grandma just happens to be one of the most excellent seamstresses I know, and she is making Meghan's prom dress for next year. The very exciting part is. . .
Meghan's grandma is making MY prom dress for next year TOO! I'm very excited!
Meghan and I went pattern shopping today and after some deliberation, I decided on this pattern:
The one on the left.
It looks like this "in person."

The pattern was $16.95 at Jo-Ann Fabric, and I didn't want to spend that much. (The coupon that I had wasn't good for patterns. Darn fine print!!) I hunted online and found the exact same pattern for $3.25 and the S/H is $2.00 on Etsy, bringing the cost of the pattern to only $5.25!!  Patience is certainly a virtue! I can't wait to pick out a fabric color. I'm thinking one color throughout, like the silver one above, with a matching sparkle fabric on the skirt part. I'm liking the way that jewel tones of blue-grayish colors look. We'll see where this goes, but I'm very excited!


  1. Kara, You're going to look so wonderful in that dress. :) That's so nice of Meghan's grandma to do that for the both of you. How sweet! Are you paying her to make the dress? If not, 5.25 is a life-changing amount for a prom dress!!

  2. Yeah, her grandma is so so sweet to make the dresses for us! We only have to buy the fabric we need, and that's still a really good deal! :)