24 April 2012

Prom 2012 (a.k.a. lotsa pictures!)

Prom was fantastic! I got to hang out with Meghan all day, and with Billie, Meghan, and Ryan all night.
Here is a link to all of the pictures of Prom activities. The guy in all of the pictures is Ryan, and he is Meghan, the girl in silver's, boyfriend. Billie (the other girl) and I are really good friends with them, and they let us go in their group.
Our mom's made us a fancy, elegant dinner, and there are pictures of that and the fondue.
The last pictures are from the Grand March.

I would have put pictures directly on here, but there are so many that I decided that it would be easier to just link to it.



  1. I saw the pictures on facebook... makes me wish I would have went to prom!

  2. You look beautiful Kara! And I also love the clutch you made, very talented!

  3. Thanks Jennifer! And yes, it was a blast going by myself, since I had such good friends to go with!