18 February 2012

National History Day, Valentines Day, and Saturday, Satuday, Saturday!

There's a song by that name, ya know. Actually, I learned that the real title is "Satuday Night's Alright for Fightin'", but same song, and it's a good one for rolling down the road and rockin' out, but not at the same time of course.
Anyway, I am forehead deep in History Day, and seeing as it's due in 12 days (ahhh!!) it's a good thing. I'm used to having to have it done only for the contest at the end of March, but since I have it due for a class this year, the deadlines are bumped up too. :( I'm working hard though. I like hard work.
Here's what's happened so far:

 I used the circular saw again this year! I just love that thing! After they were cut out I gave them a coat of primer and then a coat of "Black Suede" by Behr. Mom used it in a project recently, but there was almost a whole can left over! Perfect!
Then I sketched out the design I wanted, using a compass and a ruler so that it was very geometric. Then I used an Elmo to copy it onto the board. Next I taped, painted, taped, painted, and taped and painted some more. I'm pretty much done with the middle board. I just have to put the shiny top coat on all of it and the trace the leading with a big Sharpie.

Now it's on to the middle boards, but I ran out of paint, so Dad went to get some more. Go Dad!

Valentine's Day came and went without incident, or chocolate, but I did get two sweet valentines from friends. :) For small group on Wednesday, Steph brought delicious chocolate covered strawberries! I ate too many! Eliza nominated her only Valentine for the day, Jim Cavaziel, so I decided to nominate my own, too! Maybe more than one. . .
Cary Grant!
William Holden
Celtic Thunder!

In other news, my friend Eliza got her ears pierced, which I NEVER saw coming. This begs the question to me: Should I get my ears pierced, should I? According to her, it only pinched, and she has experienced more pain at her bi-weekly trips to the chiropractor. Hmmmm. I must consider this. Thoughts anyone?

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