14 February 2012

A deal!

 Sunday in the Target ad, I noticed that "The Help" was on sale for $9 at Target. It is one of my all time favorites, so while I was in Ames today, I stopped at Target to purchase it. First I went to Walmart, and there I saw a bin of $5 movie with "Fried Green Tomatoes" advertised on the side. Kelli and I dug for five minutes and I finally found it at the bottom of the bin. Success!
Next, I went in search of "The Help" at Target. They were out (go figure) but after searching another five minutes, I found "Princess Bride", which I have taken quite a liking to. Right before we were going to go purchase it, I saw "Walk the Line" for $4.75! I immediately traded that one for " Princess Bride" and checked out! I am excited to watch these movies again! (and again!)


  1. I want to watch Walk the Line, but it sounds very sad. Ergh, diffisions diffisions.

    1. It's very sad, but there are definitly funny moments. We should watch it together. I'll save it for two weekends! What are you doing the weekend of the third. . . oh wait! I know! Hahaha! Maybe then, maybe later. . .Excited. . .!