17 August 2011

Wasps and Dryers

Well, a couple days ago, we determined that the dryer was no longer, well, drying. At first my mom thought that the heating element was shot. Then on Monday my dad went outside to check the dryer vent just to see if it was clogged. If it was, then the dryer would have just been not working because it shuts down if it overheats, which is what it was doing, come to find out. Dad stuck his hand up the dryer vent and got stung by a wasp! Now there is a wasp nest in the dryer vent causing it to not cool properly, so the dryer is out of commission until that issue is resolved!
Today I needed to do some laundry for school, but I couldn't dry it in the dryer (obviously) so I had to hang it all up on hangers (T shirts, jeans, etc.) This makes for reason number 67 that I want a clothesline.
I ended up running out of hangers for my last two pairs of pants, so they got draped over the porch railing. Everything else is hanging in the garage. Luckily it doesn't smell "garage-y" because the garage door had been open all morning!

I still have more laundry to do, but I'm waiting 'til everything is dry so I have hangers again! It's a long process!

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