16 March 2011

NHD Sneak Peek #3 (and more!)

The bones of the exhibit have been built! Now all I have to do is fill it up with information!

Taa Daa! (I just have to fill that bucket with faux coal (Chopped up styrofoam dipped in black paint.) and put a frame around the chalk board.) Oh, and also a sign.

In other news. . .
Today we went shopping for for NHD supplies and glasses. I also got a hair cut.

4 (or more) inches off! Yee haw! I do like it short.
My glasses will be here the 25th, but hopefully before that because NHD is the 23rd.
We also stopped at Panera, Hobby Lobby, and Lowes.
Yesterday my friend Chelsea invited me to go to brunch at a cafe in Ames. We also went to Worldly Good (an International curio store), The Cupcake Emporium, and The Loft, (a consignment shop). There, we decided we wanted to try on prom dresses, just because we could. I only tried on one, but it was one I liked.

(It's also $203 dollars. *Hack hack hack*) I'm glad I'm already set for all my prom dresses!

Well, that's about all. On to more NHD work. Tomorrow, I have drivers ed driving at 10. I'm actually OK with that, because it's usually at 6 in the morning.

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