12 March 2011

NHD Sneak Peek #2

More shopping was done last. Dad and I went to Menard's and Wal-Mart to finish up getting the supplies. Our shopping list included 2 sheets of 1 1/2 in. sheet insulation, 2 sheets of 2' 8" Wainscoting, 2 strips of moulding, a white paint pen, 2 yds. black fabric, and 1 yd of "wall colored" fabric. (plus groceries of course!) At Menard's I felt like I was pretty neat because I was pushing a huge cart with all my stuff in it, so I looked like I knew what I was doing!)

"wall color". It isn't as splotchy in person.

 (this is laminate flooring my mom picked up earlier.)

Today I worked on mounting things on paper and printing pictures of old senators with mustaches. (No joke- all of them had mustaches, except one. He had a beard too.)

After mom, dad, and Evan got home, (Evan had his 2nd IVIG today) mom, dad, and I got busy cutting the styrofoam and wainscoting. Actually, I did all the cutting. With a Skil Saw. Boo yaw! Mom and dad helped by holding and measuring with me.
(It was really cold in the garage, so by the end of this my hands were numb! My shoes were also filled with styrofoam dust. Squirm.)
Some pictures. . .
(the green jacket is because the styrofoam, when cut, blows really fine dust, and i didn't want it all over my regular coat.
Note the "intense face"

So, there 'ya go! I am diving head first into NHD construction now, because it's spring break next week, and the Wednesday after that is the District competition!

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