19 August 2012

Summer ends. . .

Many things happened as summer came to a close for me last Thursday.
First, we continued switching rooms and painting, but after a week of painting, our room still isn't done. Why?
1. Prime the whole room.
2. Paint 2 walls.
3. Realize that the primer streaks are showing through the paint.
4. Prime over the dry paint.
5. Watch as primer doesn't stick and begins to bubble.
6. Add another coat of primer to the two unpainted walls.
7. Paint one of them.
8. Add another coat.
9.Contemplate redoing that wall too, because the quality is really not that great.

That's how its gone so far. I have been sleeping in the living room for over a week, because my bed would get in the way of painting. Long story short, I just want my room back!
Here is one of the "legs" of the loft we built for Kelli's bed. (It is on it's side.) Because her bed is just in the middle of the room and off the ground right now, she's able to sleep in the room.

In other news, last night I had a birthday party to celebrate my 18th birthday (which isn't actually for another month or so). I had to have it before one of my friends left for college.
We decorated cupcakes and watched Princess Diaries 1 and 2. It was a blast!! I hadn't had a birthday party since I was about 12, so it was really special to have so many good friends come and hang out!
Here are some pictures:
Kristen and Eliza came over early to help me make all of the cupcakes!

Almost all of the capcakes. (No, it's not your eyes, there's blue swirl in the white cupcakes!)

Some decorating. . .

Movie watching. . .

The whole crew! I love my friends!
Lastly. . .
I am not a "fundraising" person. You will not find me hawking things door to door, in fact, I absolutely hate asking people to buy things for whatever fundraiser comes around. That's why I never do. :)
Every year there is either a band or a chorus trip and since I'm in both, I'm eligible to go on a trip every year. These trips cost between $450 and $500, which first of all, makes me gag! Second, because of the price, going on the trips hasn't been feasible to go for various reasons. Well, this year, my mom said that I could go on my last band trip. We're trying to save money here and there and everywhere, but it's still a lot of money!  So. . .I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and doing some fundraising to try to defer as much of the cost as I can.  All of the things are online, and they get shipped to you from the company. I get 40% of the profit. 
I know most of you have kids of your own to buy things for, but if you'd check out what's for sale and maybe buy something, I'd appreciate it more than you know!
You can look at everything here:
Copy and paste this address if the above link doesn't work:

OPTION 2: Go to www.thechipshoppe.com
Click on the shopping link and enter student ID number "1073383"

If you just look or if you purchase something; thank you SO much in advance!

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