16 March 2012

On (to) Wisconsin!

My dad and I took an overnight trip to Platteville, Wisconsin to visit University of Wisconsin-Platteville. As far as the college goes, it ranks 2nd on the list of colleges that I have visited so far, and it was a great day for a tour.
I had never actually been to Wisconsin before, and I did enjoy Platteville. It is only 20 minutes from Dubuque, Iowa, another city that I love. They are both very quaint.
Here are three things I took pictures of while we were driving around. (with the I-pad, which explains the quality.)
That says Swiss Cheese Factory. I was excited!
It's a Piggly Wiggly! I thought they only existed in the South. Needless to say, I was very elated. We didn't go inside, tho.

This horse and buggy was in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot. We also saw a duly labeled "hitching post" in the Goodwill parking lot and a buggy driving down the highway. It was quaint.

After visiting the college, dad and I headed home, but we stopped at many shoe stores along the way to find shoes for prom. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I knew that they were at Payless Shoe Source. We stopped at 4 or 5, and they either had the one I wanted in every size up until 9, at which point they had the right shoes, but the wrong color, or they didn't have it at all. In the end we figured out the brand that I wanted, along with the size that fit in that brand, and I ordered them online.
I found a coupon code for 25% off at Payless, so the $16.99 shoes ended up being $12.75! It also had free shipping to the store, so they ended up being a great bargain!
Here are the shoes I purchased.

 They are Chelsea style flats by Lower East Side. Here's a link.

P.S. My dad is an excellent and patient shoe shopper!

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  1. I can totally back up the thing about my dad being a good shopper! He great ( and fun) at shopping (especially with us girls!)