17 May 2011

Tuesday- T minus 6 school days!

Today is Tuesday. 
I had to go to the orthodontist to get my retainer checked up on. It is literally 30 minutes down there and 30 back. The appt.? 2 minutes. No joke. I sat down, she put a tweak on the top retainer and one on the bottom and then we left. 
Downside? All the driving, and maybe getting out of school.
Upside? Mom, Evan, and I went to McDonalds, and then to the park! Mom and I tried their new Strawberry lemonade thingys, (verdict: meh, they're ok, just ok.) and Evan got a hot fudge sundae. Then we went to the park, threw the football around, played on the playset (hey! there was hardly anyone there!) and I took pictures. We got home before school even got out.
Now- let's clarify something. I am not a truant. By the time I got back to school, I wouldn't have had enough time to really accomplish much of anything. Case closed.

Here are a few pics:

That blue stuff underneath is recycled rubber and is super squishy!

I always get stuck on these things, but not as bad as monkey bars. On them I just hang there. I can seriously not move to reach for the bar.

Some random pictures. 
Side note: The picture on the sign looks like a drowning alien. I just realized this.

P.S. Drowning isn't funny! Obey the signs!

In other news, I am competing in Bomber Idol tomorrow. It's our school's talent show. Usually they have prazes, but they decided this year to just have a pizza party for all the competitors. I don't know how I feel about that. 
I will be playing Linus and Lucy, like I did for my recital.

That's all. Happy birthday to my Uncle Dustin. Party on with the Coldstone!


  1. Thanks for the birthday greetings! With guests and other things going on, I haven't been out here to check on the blog. Didn't really talk to you yesterday at graduation either :( Sorry! It was a quick trip- and so many relatives, so little time :)