08 March 2011

Happy Birthday Evan!

Today Evan turned 12!

This picture make ME look goofy!
To celebrate, we had a delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy and fruit salad made by mom. It was a great breakfast!
Before school he opened a present of first aid supplies for his paramedic kit.

After school he opened his other presents, a new bag for all his paramedic supplies and a pair of special bandage cutting scissors. He really liked all of them!
For supper, we had delicious tacos with a wide variety of toppings! For cake, mom made an ice cream cake with a layer of cake, a layer of ice cream, a layer of Oreo crumbs and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup crumbs, a layer of cake, and chocolate frosting.
It was scrumptious!
We had a fun day celebrating! Now dad and Evan are watching El Dorado, an old John Wayne film. Too much action for me, even though I do like John Wayne! :)

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