06 January 2011

Get Back to Where you Once Belonged. . . .

Well, I was listening to the Beatles tonight. . . .

It seems as though you come back to school and they forgot to take their foot off the gas pedal. . . This week has been so up and down for me!
 Show choir started bright and early Monday morning, and that was after a 12 hr driving spree back from Tx. What was I doing in Texas you ask? Well, check this out, then come back.
P.S. It was a ton of fun! You have no idea!

Then Tuesday was a Jazz band morning. Whew, at this point I realized what I forgot to remember; school = little sleep. Great.

Wednesday was another show choir morning, and I spent that night spending 3 hours on 12 Algebra 2 problems. Wow, math is so hard for me. You all have no idea. Seriously. It involves crying.

Because of my late night, this morning involved waking up at 7:10. Yay! NOT!! Jazz band starts at 7:00. Do the math (ha ha, obviously I can't) but I was late. I put the pedal past the metal and got there at about 7:25. However, that isn't my record. I've done it in 10 minutes once before, last year. I do not like to be late for anything, so this usually only happens once a year. Thankfully!

Tomorrow. . . Is Friday! Another early show choir day, but at 5 that night, I am going on a church retreat. It will be a good 2 day escape!

What am I not doing right now?
National History day research/ work. I need to find time . . . SOON!
Hanging out with my family. This makes me sad. For the past 3 days, they've sat down and played Blokus, Skip-Bo, and Bananagrams! (We got Bananagrams Aunt Dee!!) I have just had to sit there and do my Algebra 2. I know it comes with he High School territory, but it wouldn't be so bad if I was only spending that time doing math.
Packing for the retreat. I have washed clothes, but that's all.
Sleeping! Go figure. I should go to bed now. I have nothing else to do.

Good night! Sorry for being wordy!

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  1. Glad you made it home safely and we are very glad y'all had a great time in Texas. It was as much fun to plan and implement.

    YAY! You got Bananagrams! I knew it wouldn't be long before you had it. Now I just need to find somebody to play it with me here...I must find the rules for the Bananagrams Solitaire.

    Keep up with your schoolwork. I can't help with your homework, but maybe Karl could be of some assistance....I like volunteering him for stuff like this :-)

    Have fun on your retreat...maybe you'll get some sleep. Probably not..but you will have to crash and burn sometime. I can't believe you didn't get all your sleep in on the 12 hour road trip!?!