12 December 2010

Quick! ACT!

Well, this weekend was packed!
On Friday, I went over to my piano teacher's house and we made cookies for about 4 hours. We made Molasses Cookies, Pumpkin Cookies, Oreo Balls, and these one things where you put peanut butter between two Ritz crackers and then dip it all in Chocolate Almond bark. It was a great time! We had so much fun listen to Christmas music and just hanging out. 
The next morning bright and early, I headed up to Iowa State with my dad because I had to take the ACT test. My dad hung out at the Memorial Union while I took it. Some people from my school were there, so that made it a little more fun. The English and reading questions were fine for me, I had trouble on some of the math questions (but I'm only a Sophmore, so I'll know more the next time I take it), but the Science questions were killer. The was a bunch of stuff about chemical bonding, chemical equations and other stuff I'd never even heard of. I thought of my cousin Karl. Considering that we take Chemistry next year, I think I'll do better. There was a writing portion, too. That was pretty easy. Afterwords, dad and I had Subway in the MU and then went home.
At 5 that night, I had volunteered to do some free babysitting at church with some other kids from Youth Group so adults that were going to a Christmas party didn't all have to find different babysitters. As it turned out there were 3 guys and 2 girls babysitting and 8 kids that we were babysitting. We all had so much fun with all the kids. At about 8, two of the parents came and picked up their kids and told us all to get home quick because of all the terrible white out conditions. It was AWFUL outside. WFor most of the trip home, we could not see 10 ft. in front of us. Whew. Watched Ratatouille and zonked out.
No church today. Cleaned my room and then went to visit my youth pastor and his family and their new baby Jonathan. He's two days old. All the girls from my small group went to visit, because his wife is our leader.

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