24 December 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

So, today we woke up with some more snow on the ground. Now we really can't see the grass! Hurray for white Christmases!
I set to work on a crafty little project for my youth pastors family. If you are reading this (Wendy) you better not continue! :)

It was very crafty, I assure you! Before this, I felt like listening to music, so I reinstalled our ancient (but awesome) stereo system. I felt macho!

Anyway, I worked on this for awhile, but in the middle I ran into a minor glitch. I wanted to add glitter glue, but the little tubes weren't working. I operated and found, well, junk!  No wonder everyone complains about their glitter glue not working all the time!
Yeah, like I said. . . . .

Well, tonight we have our Christmas Eve service and then tomorrow is Christmas! It's still snowing and my Dad has shoveled the driveway twice.

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