18 June 2010

Summers- Relaxing?

Well, we're about 2 weeks into summer, and I have come to the realization that my summer has been scheduled so "well" be myself, that by the time school rolls around again I won't have any problem adjusting to a "work day" (yeah right, some work day!)! Every day of the week has something. I think I like it that way because it gives me very little chance to just sit around and be "bored". 
If I run through a week, it kind of looks like this:
Monday: Drumline and percussion lessons.

Volunteering with the children's program at our library. I've been doing this for 3 years and it's so fun to watch the kids have a great time reading, singing, and doing crafts!
Tuesday and Thursday:  Show Choir Rehearsals- Our new choir director came from a school that was big on show choir, and all of us were very excited when he decided to start one here.
Wednesday and Friday: More children's program at the library.

Finally, every other week,  I watch my 11 year old cousin while my aunt is working. It is an adventure to find things to do all day, but we have fun!

That my week, beginning to end. Who knows, I might miss all the different things during the week once school starts again.

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